The fabrics on the shelves, adorned with fine details, will turn into custom-made designs.
Old buttons will start a second life on your clothing.
Patterns will be fitted to your body, colors will reflect your soul. The finishing touches of colorful bow ties and neckties will get you one step closer to becoming a Civan gentleman.
Entering through this door, a modern man will relive the sweet sins of picking the most cheeky toy, of stealing away with forbidden candy or their first kiss.
Instilled with the pleasures of Istanbul, Civan’s driving force is the need to give back what he’s received from the city.

Founded in June 2012 with this motto, Civan is a street fashion atelier inspired by the classic Istanbul gentleman. In a time in which fast-fashion brands have taken over parallel Istiklal street, Çukurcuma street is the home of the tailoring boutique of designers Bahar Gözkün and Kerem Küçükgürel that pays homage to the neighborhood’s rich tradition of culture and craftsmanship.

Within a short amount of time, Civan has become capable of producing pieces that answer every need. Some of the things you will find when you enter this small fashion house are shirts, trousers, shorts, jackets, vests, coats, cloaks, formal wear, creative accessories as alternatives to common bow and neckties, and precious vintage buttons to finish your garments.

In a space that unites boutique and workshop, customers experience the intimacy and craft of earlier times. 

A new collection is presented twice a year, which will be made-to-measure and customized based on your preferences. Pieces from all former collections can also be chosen and turned into custom designs made of luxurious fabrics.