Civan Atelier: bespoke tailoring

In the center of Istanbul, made and shaped by the city’s soul, Civan Atelier started production in June 2012. Very quickly, it built the capacity to offer its own collections and also produce any sartorial piece a gentleman might need.

Civan Atelier pays great attention to a customer’s needs, analyzes his body type, and will constantly deliver outstanding quality with patterns that are refined to perfection and kept on record for each individual.

With its growing and continuously updated fabric assortment, the goal is always to come up with even more timeless, warm, and creative pieces. Our fabric choices include excellent cotton shirt fabrics, silk, humorous designs, plaids, high–quality domestic and imported suiting fabrics, and very unique vintage fabrics that our Civan Atelier designers have found on their  endless explorations.

All buttons for our bespoke pieces can be chosen from Civan’s “Istanbul buttons” and “World buttons” collection, neck accessories come from Civan’s neck tie collection. Coats and hand-made crochet neckties which complete the combinations are again made from the best parts.

Everything can be embroidered with custom initials.

At Civan Atelier, we are committed to becoming a part of your vision and working with infinite respect for craftsmanship.