Civan's City Notes #2: Erten İvme Ayakkabı Mağazası

On one of the streets turning to left while going through Istiklal Street to Galatasaray, this is not one of the stores you can find on chance when you are lost. It doesn't have a display window which shows of its latest trends. In fact, it is possible to say that showcase is the least interesting part of the whole store which you get in by walking half-floor downstairs from the street.

However as you walk in what you see is a magnificent shoe heaven that makes you think it is so perfect that you are out of in time-place axis

Erten İvme is third and the latest generation of a family which is well known with shoe-making tradition. Unfortunately he doesn't have  a successor to carry on the tradition but this makes the handmade shoes even more special. He created one of the most valuable building stone of the whole Beyoğlu Culture in his tiny store as he also made the iconic high heels of Zeki Müren.

Even though time and some politics didn't treat him well enough, he is blissed to be making shoes at the end of the day, you can feel it from his looks and his excitement.

His perfection-centered classic style in both male and female shoes, is the return of his experience through the years. White-cream ambiance in store, clean-stylized retro decoration, on the spot interventions of Mr. Erten, arrangement of shoes on the shelves, natural leather and dye smell… These are like perfectly combined components to make you have an unforgettable shoe experience that you never had.

The common sense is that beauty is misery. This is the place where this sense is wrong as you put one of the shoes on. Not only each shoe is created to look like a piece of art, it is possible to say that each of them are one of the most comfortable things that your feet ever met.


Erten İvme Ayakkabı Dükkanı: Fuat Uzkınay Sokak 6A - Beyoğlu (Enter from the Mado store on İstiklal Caddesi into the street of Yeni Melek Cinema - Eski Hava Sokak / Tel: 0212 249 39 62)