Last Flowers of Summer

In these days while the population of the city and the number of "Goodbye To Summer Parties" are increasing, calmness of the autumn started to show itself . While the background of our daily life is colored into greys and browns, Civan is coloring up with its display window and Civan gentlemen are joining yellow, green, red into Istanbul streets.

Civan Atellier which created Rehearsal and Marine concept previously, is now enlarging the collection with the last Floral concept and aiming to turn men's boring dressers into fun greenhouses.

Civan’s custom-made manner gives Civan gentlemen the chance to be included in the whole process, from choosing the collar of his shirt to trouser pocket details, from the colour of his jacket to the shape of its buttons. Deciding on the fabric is also one of the most entertaining parts of the process. And these are Civan’s picks waiting on the shelves of No:42 for their new owners: